New arrivals & the PORK SHARE SALE!

Gosh, what a month July has been! We've had so much going on at the farm as things begin to wind down. I think, well, the most important thing that's happened is that... we've had 28 piglets born out here on the farm! It's an insane amount of mouths to feed, but we're getting in the hang of it. They're honestly super cute at this age, so we don't really mind it so much. See below if you need proof!

See what I mean? Let me know if you need a piglet, eh? Granted, you'll have a 400 pound hog on your hands in

Anyway, while we're goofing around with the piglets, there's a problem at hand: We have a lot of pigs! And while we do like having them around, there is such a thing as TOO many hogs on the farm! So what's our solution? Well, it involves bacon, as any truly excellent solution would. Viva le bacon.

We have several boars that need to go off to market ASAP, and we don't exactly have a warehouse of empty freezer space to fit all the cuts in. That's where you folks come in! We're offering 35% off all of our Pork Shares until August 1st (however long supplies last is our goal here). That means that quarter, half, and full Pork Shares are all on mega discount, with per-pound prices averaging under $5.

All our pigs are allowed to run outside and live life as a pig should, and they also get to enjoy the creature comforts of a nice barn. They are Lexington born & raised, non-GMO, free-range, and horomone/antibiotic free.

If you're not sure what that means, allow me to translate:

Happy hogs make delicious bacon in the long run. Plus, they're local, so you can trust them! So don't delay, get your Howlin' Wolf Farm Pork Share today! Let us know if you have any questions, and have a good one! -Ian Gerard

Farm Manager

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