Introducing... FALL CSA SHARES!

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to take a second to announce our FALL CSA SHARES this year! We've learned a lot about greenhouse and livestock production in our first year's seasons, and we're carrying that experience forward to create a truly unique and awesome share for our community. We designed each week with a particular meal in mind, as well as plenty of extras to help fill out your pantry this season. Generally, this share is for a family of 3-4, so if that's too much, you may want to consider splitting your share with a friend!

Fall shares, (above is a picture of a 2015 Winter Share) which will start on Saturday, September 17, are available for pickup or delivery each week for 10 weeks total, ending November 19. Each box will contain pasture raised, gmo-free eggs, vegetables, canned goods, and milled grains. In addition, 9 out of 10 boxes will contain locally raised meats! I'll explain where all of these things are coming from, as well as what's going to be in each share, in the paragraphs below.

Howlin' Wolf Farm raises cattle, pigs, chickens, and now turkeys! All of our animals are pasture raised and have space to run around and enjoy the sun. We think it works well when the chickens and turkeys eat the bugs that would normally bother our pigs and cows. They return the favor by fertilizing crops that we use to feed all of the animals! And yes, in case you were wondering, there will be a full turkey in the final share, so you'll have that to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!

In addition, Howlin' Wolf Farm will be growing the majority of produce in each share. You'll see a balance of kale, squash, carrots, pumpkins, cabbages, and other late season crops in each share as well. While we try to guarantee our crop production, we've learned to make partnerships with other local farmers to make sure that you get a fair share. As such, you may see a few things from our friends in each share, but we're happy to answer any questions as to where your produce is grown! We also produce all of the canned goods you'll see, and source the majority of ingredients from local farmers. All Howlin' Wolf Farm products are certified Kentucky Proud!

Our eggs come from a former classmate of mine, Chelsey Schlosnagle, who runs Chelsey's Eggs out of Shelbyville, Kentucky. Her chickens are pasture raised at Dutch Creek Farm and lay some mighty fine eggs. We also supply a few eggs ourselves at Howlin' Wolf, but we don't have it figured out like Chelsey does quite just yet! If you'd like to see our own eggs in your share, let us know, and we can try to get you some, but no promises until we have the laying hens to back it up!

Local fish were a tricky thing to find a reliable source of, as we really wanted to buy from our friends at Food Chain, but fate had other plans. Because they don't have a processing facility (yet! stay tuned, they're working on it!), we called the folks down at Two Rivers Fishery in Wickliffe, Kentucky. They catch wild catfish out of Kentucky Lake, and we thought that would be perfect!

Milled grains, such as flour, cornbread mix, and fish batter, are produced just a few minutes up the road by Weisenberger Mill. Many folks in the area already know of them, but we thought it would be a great idea to pair their pancake mix with our blackberry compote! Or their hush puppies with my cocktail sauce! There's lots of ways to get creative with these products added in.

That covers where everything is coming from. Here's a rundown of each week's box!

Week 1 - September 17 - Done!:

12 eggs

Biscuit Mix - 2 bags

Gravy Mix - 1.5 lb bag

Blackberry Jam - 8 oz jar

Sausage - 2 lbs

Butternut Squash - 1-2 squash

Sweet Potato - 2.5 lbs

Week 2 - September 24 - Done!:

12 eggs

Pancake Mix - 2 Bags

Blackberry Compote

Acorn Squash - 2-3 squash

Hand-made Soap Bar (made with our own pigs' tallow)

Week 3 - October 1 - Done!:

12 eggs

Cornbread Mix


Pickled Okra - 16 oz jar

Butternut Squash

Décor Pumpkin

Week 4 - October 8 - Done!:

12 eggs

6-8 catfish

Fish Batter

Hush Puppy Mix

Cocktail Sauce - 8 oz jar

Potatoes - 2.5 lbs

Week 5 - October 15 - Done!:

12 eggs

2 lb grits

Chicken: 2-3 lb

Pickled Peppers - 16 oz jar

Pickled Cucumbers - 16 oz jar

Week 6 - October 23 - Done!:

12 eggs

Salsa - 16 oz jar

Chorizo - 2 lbs

Ornamental Flint Corn

Ornamental Gourds

Week 7 - October 30 - Done!

12 eggs

Apple Butter - 8 oz jar

Chicken - Whole

Blueberry Muffin Mix Radish - 1/2 lb

Green Peppers - 3-4

Arugula 1/4 lb

Week 8 - November 6 - Done!

12 eggs

Sausage - 2lb

Whole Wheat Biscuit Mix

Strawberry Jam - 8 oz jar

Onions - Bag

Week 9 - November 13 ** - Done!

12 eggs

2-3 lb Pork Chops

3 lb bacon + 2 lb sausage OR 3-5 lb shoulder roast

Apple Ketchup - 8 oz jar

Banana Bread Mix - 1 lb

Week 10 - November 20: (Happy Thanksgiving!) - Done!

12 eggs

Full, Dressed, Heritage Breed Turkey

Cranberry Jam - 8 oz jar

Spoonbread Mix

Potatoes - 2.5 lb

Changes & Substitutions:

Swapped Pickled Carrots for Pickled Peppers

Swapped Pie Crust with Blueberry Muffin Mix (Weisenberger halted production of pie crusts indefinitely)

Chelseys Eggs for Lucky's Free Range Eggs (Chelsey has had a 5 week gap in production. As of 10/26/16, her new hens have just started laying! Her eggs will be back soon)

Added Acorn Squash to Week 2

Added Soap Bar to Week 2

Added Banana Bread Mix to week 9

Removed Tortilla Chips from Week 6 (we tried to make the chips but it just didn't work out, unfortunately)

Added Arugula, Radish, and Peppers to Week 7

** Week 9 may be delayed due to our animal processor's schedule. Our pigs that we're using for cuts cannot be processed until December 5 due to deer hunting season taking priority over livestock, so we may have to deliver this share late, or swap pork cuts out for whole chickens.

We hope these boxes sound as awesome to you as they did to us! Many of the box contents are guaranteed for the season, but a fair notice on some meat distributions: we previously had to delay meat shares due to miscalculated growth rates, as chickens don't gain weight as quickly when they're allowed to run around like they do here, and without growth hormones found in most chickens. While we think its worth it to improve their quality of life as much as possible, we have also learned a lot about keeping our expectations clear! Regardless of when exactly the birds will be available, we guarantee that you'll get them when they're ready. We also learned a great deal in past seasons, so it's our hope that we've made the proper adjustments to have everything ready on time! There's less concern on our end about the pigs and turkeys, as we've already started raising them in preparation for the season. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us via email at


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