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Nobody said farming was easy, that’s for sure. This past week has thrown a few curveballs our way, but we’re doing the best we can to keep moving forward. The cultivator has been the major culprit - there’s a piece that’s broken on us twice now that we’ve had to get welded - but we think we may be in the clear, finally. We brought a tiller back from Ian’s family farm back in Henderson, KY, a few days ago and we’re really looking forward to getting some use out of it. After a few hours and bloodied knuckles later, we got all of our equipment running smoothly. Fingers crossed, we’ll be planting some of our many baby plants on Friday this week.

We do have some pretty cool announcements to make though. First off we want to thank Wendy and Michael Rieser for their amazing financial contribution to the farm this week. Since they bypassed the Kickstarter, we’ve been able to put this money to good use already - and we’re insanely grateful. To the rest of you that have donated so far, thanks so much! We're waiting till the end of the kickstarter to put up our donors page, commemorating your awesomeness.

In other news, it has been officially confirmed that we’ll be joining the ranks of the North Limestone CDC’s Night Market this Friday, May 1st! We’ll be bunking down with the beautiful and talented Samantha Moore, AKA Mococo. Come talk with us, learn about our farm, and enter for a chance to win a CSA box this summer! The market runs from 6 to 10 pm - we certainly hope to see you there!

Last, but certainly not least, our custom-designed logo is finished and ready to be shown to the world. What do ya think? Thanks a million to Elias Gross, our graphic designer.

Send us an email, tweet at us (whatever that's for?!), share our Kickstarter on Facebook, tell your friends, come see us at the market and most of all, get excited about all the fresh food we're growing this season!

#progress #csa #gettinthere

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