Our first weekend

So far, so good, y'all! We took advantage of the gorgeous weather yesterday to get a lot done down on the farm. Since the path to the fields is pretty crucial, we spent the first couple of hours clearing brush and branches in order to create a level "road" (as opposed to the crooked mudslide we had been working with). There's still some work to do where the stream crosses, but for that we're going to have to wait 'til we can get our hands on a front loader. Once we have one rented we'll be able to even out the rocks and gravel and maybe even make it passable for the Jeep.

Despite what's still needed for the trail, we were also able to haul out all of our supplies and what machinery we have - and we got it under cover just in time! Honestly, the toughest task we had on the agenda yesterday was getting our shed-in-a-box set up; it took four of us the last few hours of daylight we had left. But it's up and it's stable and it's keeping things dry!

Today, Ian and some of his agriculture-program friends are getting some seeds in trays to sprout in some borrowed greenhouse space. We're definitely looking forward to these babies growing and getting ready for the field! Planting of the seeds that don't need sprouted will commence tomorrow. We're estimating that we'll have our first small harvest sometime around May 20th!

We're making strides in the world of the interwebs, too. Our facebook page is gaining in popularity (almost 200 likes!) and our Kickstarter campaign will be going live tomorrow at noon. Check back soon for more updates!

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