For a limited time, Howlin' Wolf Farm is offering locally-raised, 100% grassfed beef shares for everyone to enjoy! Our cows are raised humanely in a 100% cage free environment, with unlimited access to both a cozy barn and the great outdoors where a cow can be a cow.

Our beef shares are made to-order, and can be fit to exactly your needs, and we even offer delivery options for our meats! Beef share availability is VERY limited, so reserve yours while they last!

What is a beef share?

A Howlin' Wolf Farm beef share is a mixture of cuts that you'd get from a whole cow that we've raised, from start to finish, as well as processed and packaged, ready for you to cook right away or freeze for later! It's an opportunity to save money on premium, grassfed, high quality, Lexington-raised, cage free, and pastured beef.


What is in a 1/10 cow share?

Our 1/10 cow Beef shares include 35-40 lbs of standard beef cuts such as ribs, roasts, steaks, and more! Here's how we divide the beef shares, proportionally, by the types of cuts you'll see:


  • 30% Secondary Cuts: Ground Beef, Stew Meat, Strip/Minute Steaks, Bones
  • 40% Standard Cuts: Burger Patties, Roasts (Chuck, Shoulder, Round, Rump), Short Ribs
  • 30% Prime Cuts: Filet Mignon, Ribeyes, Sirloin, T-Bone, Brisket, Back Ribs, Tenderloin


What do I need to do to order a beef share?

Our pricing for beef shares covers all the costs associated with raising the cows to weight, processing into cuts and ground beef, patty shaping, and packaging. With this simplified system, you're paying less than $7.50/lb for meats that would normally range betwen $7-$30 a pound at the farmers market.


All you need to do after placing your order is fill out the "cut card" we send you. This card outlines what you'd like the butcher to do in order to get the cuts you'd want. The picture above is a simplified version of this card, but if any of that seems overwhelming, we're always happy to lend our experience to make sure you get exactly the cuts you need! Since shares are split between multiple people, it's likely that you won't get one of every type of cut, but we will do our best to match up your preferences to what we deliver!

Once we have your order, we'll let you know when your share is scheduled for processing, and when you can pick it up from the farm. Delivery is also available for $25.


Our processor no longer offers fresh meat pickups. We apologize for any inconvenience!

1/10th Cow Grass-Fed Beef Share

$425.00 Regular Price
$212.50Sale Price

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