Donors and Special Thanks

We're a small farm working with a rather small budget, so there's really no way for us to succeed and grow without the help of our community of supporters.  Soon, we'll be recognizing all of you who believe in us - right here on this page.  Wanna be included?  Check out our Kickstarter campaign here.


Gold Donors

Mary Davidson, Wendy and Michael Reiser

Silver Donors

Pauline Allen, India Stewart

Full Share Backers/Donors

Robert Brown, Daylin Casalis, Gary Gerard, Scott Gerard

Half Share Backers/Donors

Andy & Nancy Hoehn, Kristen Howard, Nick Ledgerwood

Student Share Backers/Donors

Larry & Beav Souder, Teresa Naude, Charles & Katy Nugent, Grace Saulsbury, Arlington Wilson, Chad Burns, Justin Kirchner, Josh Dunne, Cindy Stewart, Holly Brown, Michelle Franzetti, Matthew James, Ginny Jones, Scout Noffke, Kaitlyn Melvin, Will Burriss, Will Stewart, Cheryl Truman

Special Thanks

Cecelia Garrison, Alex Gerard, Janet Hoehn, Brandon Bush, Heather Napier, Stephanie Bostick, David Yurek, David Hempy, Kirt Motte, Leslie Bowling, Catherine Johnston, Corinne Garrison, A.J. Hoehn, Jason Hess, Greg Early, Kathryn Akers, Rosie Moore, Kristina Farr, Eli Booker, Stephanie Wright, Birchie Seiffert, Aila Thomson, Wayne Yeager, Hao Chen, John Heine, Janet Whatmough

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