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Our business is a small vegetable and fruit farm, nestled next to Town Branch in the horse country outside Lexington, in Fayette County, Kentucky.


Our goal is simple:

To provide fresh, high-quality local produce to people of all walks of life and backgrounds.

We seek to promote social justice by making healthy food available at an affordable price, all season long.


How do we do this?

Through CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, we can produce local food for the community by sharing costs through farm shares. In addition, we offer discounts for volunteer workers, payment plans, and 'scholarships' via donations from community members. In addition, we sell produce directly to consumers at farmers markets in the region, as well as local businesses, saving on marketing costs and packaging.



Faces of the Farm

Ian Gerard

Farm Manager & Proprietor

Ian Gerard is the founder and manager of Howlin' Wolf Farm. He studied Sustainable Agriculture at the University of Kentucky and has worked extensively in his field, quite literally. 


At our farm, Ian handles all aspects of the business and out in the field, from accounting to arugula. He also crafts all the recipes that are used in our canned goods!


Farm Workers

              Wes Nugent                                         Scout Noffke                                           Chad Moore 
These fine folks are the lifeblood of our farm, helping out in numerous ways, from tending to livestock to clearing rows and planting crops. We wouldn't be where we are without these people and others like them!
                                      Phillip Dussalt                                                     Dave Morphew

Ryan Whittington

Advertising Specialist


Ryan Whittington is our advertising and marketing specialist in the Louisville area. 


While he's not on the farm often, we put him to work from afar, and occasionally make him feed the pigs when he's in town!

Will Stewart

Design & Delivery

Will Stewart, no relation to India Stewart, takes pictures and videos out on the farm, as well as delivering CSA shares!

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